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Welcome to the BEST of Options Trading IQ.  There is a load of content here on the site and I want to make it easy for you to find the good stuff, so I decided to do the hard work and organize my very best content for you below.  Find the topic that interests you the most, and enjoy!

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Trading is tough, it can take years to understand the markets and all the different options trading strategies.  Luckily for you, I’m here to help you by sharing my best advice from years of experience trading the markets and also getting educated and obtaining a Masters in Applied Finance.  Below are some of my best posts that you can use to help improve your trading:

20 Essential Skills for Traders
How To Adjust Iron Condors
Understanding and Trading the VIX – Your Ultimate Resource
How To Trade Volatility Using The VIX Index
How To Trade Volatility – Chuck Norris Style!
5 Things You Absolutely Must Do After Placing an Option Trade
Option Assignment and Exercise
How Does Index Option Settlement Work?
Index Options and ETF Options
The Ultimate Guide To Double Diagonal Spreads
How To Protect Iron Condors From A Flash Crash
RUT Credit Spread Variation
Spreading Yourself Too Thin
Selecting Iron Condor Strikes
Make Vega Your Friend
Karen The Supertrader
Trading The Jade Lizard Options Strategy
Gamma Risk Explained
Are You Shark Bait
Interactive Brokers Risk Navigator Tutorial
Why Calendar Spreads Are An Oxymoron

Other Can’t Miss Items

Here are a couple of pages on the blog that you’d be crazy to miss

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Top 10 Option Trading Blogs
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