Wednesday’s Best Of The Web

best of the web

Here are some of the best articles I’ve read over the last week.  As always, if there’s any great resources out there that you think I’ve missed, let me know in the comments section. Enjoy.

Halfway To May (The Street)

The Art of War, Hot Girls, Tatoos and Trading (Embrace The Trend)

Apple vs Spain, Greece and Portugal (The Reformed Broker)

Google Investors Seek Apple-Like Dividend as Cash Piles Up (Bloomberg)

So Now What? (Downtown Trader)

Contrary Call – Sell AAPL (Sum Zero Research)

S&P 500 Weekend Update (Nifty Charts and Patterns)

AAPL Trade Ideas (Dragonfly Capital)

Stock Sage Weekly Newsletter (The Stock Sage)

SPY Trends and Influencers (Dragonfly Capital)

Risks are Rising (Trading With Technicals)

Charts of the Week (The Stock Sage)

Bubba Watson’s Caddie Show the Exact Path of that Master Winning Shot (CBS)

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