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Option Trade Alerts


The IQ Trade Alert service was launched in August 2011 and since then has been making fantastic returns for subscribers. My aim is to provide subscribers, not only with high quality and successful options alerts, but to also educate on the entire trading process including entry and exit signals, position sizing, trade management, adjustments and risk management.
For each trade alert, you will understand in detail the reasons for entering the trade, where and why we are setting our stop loss / adjustment points, and how we will manage the trade if our adjustment point is hit. The strategies traded are the same as discussed in my bestselling book – Bullsh*t Free Guide to Iron Condors and I aim to place between 2 and 5 trades each month. I also like to modify these strategies by trading mouse ear and profit zone Iron Condors. I am extremely conservative and I HATE LOSING MONEY!

My mission is to educate subscribers on the power of the option strategies that I trade and help you to build wealth in a SAFE and STRESS FREE manner. Yes, this is possible with options!! Here’s an example of how we might set up a trade:

Option Trade Alert

I encourage everyone to try my service ABSOLUTELY FREE for 30 days and see for yourself how easy it is to generate a consistent monthly income and slowly build wealth. I tell all my students that I never try to “hit the ball out of the park” with any one trade, I trade conservatively and aim to build wealth over time. Slow and steady always wins the race.

IQ Trade Alerts is unique in 5 ways

  • I’m so confident in my strategy and trading methodology, that I will reimburse all subscription fees when I have a losing month.
  • As a member, you will have a high level of interaction with me. I pledge to call each and every new subscriber to my service. My favorite part of running this site is the interaction I have with my subscribers. I love to talk trading and I love to help people. I always enjoy getting emails and phone calls from my subscribers and I look forward to developing lifelong friendships with you all!
  • You will discover how to take control of your own trading. This is first and foremost an educational service, I want all subscribers to be trading these strategies on their own. No offense, but I don’t want you subscribed to my service forever!
  • Weekly market update and strategy email.  Check out this example.
  • Access to regularly scheduled live events and educational webinars.

Here are some of the benefits of the IQ Trade Alert Service

  • My trades have an 80% – 90% probability of success. Profits are realized in bull, bear and sideways markets.
  • Each weekend I will email an update discussing our open trades and comment on my trading plans for the following week.
  • The majority of the time my trades need very few adjustments. This is not a day trading system. There is no need to sit in front of your computer all day an watch these trades. On average, I make about one trade or adjustment per week.
  • I encourage all subscribers to keep a trading log and review it regularly to really enhance the learning experience. I have helped numerous subscribers set up sophisticated risk management and accounting systems to give them a greater chance of success.
  • The underlying instruments I trade are not subject to the same wild swings as individual stocks.
  • With Iron Condor trades you get double the credit but you only have one side of the trade that requires margin.
  • Your trading capital is only used to support margin requirements. Most option brokers allow you to invest your trading capital and use it as collateral for spread trading. This way you can earn 2 returns with the same capital.
  • Access to all previous trades, including explanations, payoff graphs and analysis of the Greeks through the trade.
  • No contract! Payments are automatic through PayPal and you can cancel any time you wish.
Joining IQ Trade Alerts is easy. Simply choose a payment option below and proceed to the checkout page. You can try the service out for 1 month for free too!! After you sign up you will receive access to the members page where you can access past and current trades and also the member bonuses.
Bonuses Include:
  • Options Strategy Quick Guide
  • Developing An Options Trading Plan Worksheet
  • Risk Management Rules Worksheet

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Here’s what people are saying about IQ Trade Alerts

I found your Options Trading IQ Trade Alert service when I was struggling in understanding options strategies and implement them in options trading. After subscribing to Options Trading IQ Trade Alert  service I found it valuable and my options trading prospective was improved. Now I am able to understand the options strategies and why they are being used at what time in which condition. Your trading alert service is very transparent, accurate and very descriptive to understand. I really like when you post videos on Youtube and talk about your trading views. I am also seeing the changes in the outcome of my options trading now.

Without any hesitation, I want to recommend your service to anyone who has interest in options trading and looking for a good service.
*** I remembered when I contacted you to suggest one of my Facebook friends who was in huge loss in GOOG trade. You only came up and helped him (by giving suggestions how to recover that loss) even if he was not your subscriber. ***
The best thing I like about you is you are an honest man.
I want to wish you good luck in everything. Please keep the great work up and keep helping people the way you do.
All the very best…
Last but not least. I remembered when I emailed you to subscribe to Options Trading IQ Trade Alert service…. you asked me if you want to become rich over night then my service is not for you and also answered many other questions….

Thanks & Regards,

Bhagat Singh
Gavin’s options course and coaching sessions have really helped me master options strategies and learn which strategies I’m best with.  Talking to someone who’s looking over your trading shoulder has really helped me maintain focus, discipline, and make better trading decisions.
Justin Eagan

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  1. Julio
    3 years ago

    i want free trial for 1 month. thanks. julio

  2. jacques
    2 years ago

    I would like to join for a one month free trial

  3. chan
    1 year ago

    i have few questions regards your strategies as below:
    a. what is the minimum capital requirement for following your trade alerts?
    b. can you please let me review your full trade history for the past 1 or 2 years?
    c. what broker you recommend?
    d. what is maximum loss trades in your trade history so far?
    e. do you put stop/cut loss on your position?
    f. how many trades that you manage to recover/repair from losing in your trade history?
    g. how much the maximum margin required to recover/repair the position?


    • Options Trading IQ
      1 year ago

      Hi chan,

      a. $10,000 at least
      b. will email you
      c. Interactive Brokers or TOS
      d. Never more than 6%
      e. Yes
      f. Lots. Around half the time a trade will move against you at some point
      g. I never use margin and always have plenty of cash in reserve for adjustments.

      Hope that helps.

  4. tmurray
    6 months ago

    How do I sing up for the 30 day trail?

    • Gavin
      6 months ago

      You can use the subscribe button just above the comments section.

  5. Scot
    3 months ago

    Hi Gav,

    Can I change from monthly to yearly pay at any time and are you happy with InteractiveBrokers?

    • Gavin
      3 months ago

      Hi Scot, yes you can change to yearly anytime and I am happy with Interactive Brokers. Thinkorswim are also very good. They are the only 2 brokers I would recommend.