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Something Smells Fishy

The market is breaking out to all-time highs and it seems every man and his dog is buying in. When your taxi driver starts telling you what stocks he’s buying, it’s time to SELL, SELL, SELL! However, as the old saying goes, “the market...
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S&P Quarterly Outlook

This week Standard and Poors conducted their quarterly market outlook webinar and it was packed with great analysis as always. I always like listening to Mark Arbeter to see what he thinks of the current market. A few key takeaways from the webinar: –...
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AAPL Double Calendar Spread and Long Strangle – Update

On June 14th, I posted the following 2 charts of AAPL stock and AAPL Implied Volatility.  The charts showed that AAPL was consolidating in a narrow range or wedge pattern and was looking ready for a breakout.  At the time I present two different...
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OMG, Time To Panic!

Ahhh, the markets are crashing! The economy ONLY added 120,000 jobs last month! Must be time to panic and sell everything, right?  If you’re having this reaction, then don’t worry, you’re probably not alone.  Markets correct, it’s a fact of life, there’s nothing you...
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