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Turns Out Stocks Can Go Down Afterall

So, it’s turns out stocks can go down afterall, who would have thought? While some may have been caught unawares by Friday’s downturn, many of us have been expecting something like this for a while. In fact, a decent pull back and a reality...
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How to Choose Stocks and ETF’s for Covered Calls

The first step in choosing which stocks and ETF’s on which to sell covered calls is to exclude those which are not appropriate. For example, you should avoid leveraged ETF’s, small biotechs, start-ups and thinly traded stocks. Next you can count out any stock...
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5 Charts I’m Watching

Patience is the name of the game at the moment, I actually only have 1 position on currently as I sit and wait for the market to either break out or break down. Seems like I’ve been waiting a while too with SPX only...
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Bollinger Band Trading Strategy – How To Use This Indicator to Predict Breakouts

Bollinger Bands® are a favourite trading indicator among professional traders. Bollinger Bands were developed and made famous by legendary technical trader John Bollinger and are plotted 2 standard deviations away from a simple moving average. The usual moving average used is the 20 day....
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Covered Call Resources

When it comes to covered calls, there are a huge amount of resources available to investors, some better than others. Doing a quick Google search shows there are some really shady and poor quality websites out there that you would do well to avoid....
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RUT Bearish Butterfly Trade Example

Today I want to share another trade example with you. This time a Bearish Butterfly from May 2016. Here is the chart of RUT, showing the entry, adjustment and exit points. On April 1st, 2016 RUT was trading around 1120 and had experienced a decent...
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