Butterfly Course Part 12 – Adjustments!

Read Part 1 – The Basics
Read Part 2 – How To Set Profit Targets and Stop Losses
Read Part 3 – How To Successfully Leg Into A Butterfly
Read Part 4 – Trading Rules
Read Part 5 – Using Low Risk Directional Butterflies
Read Part 6 – The Greeks
Read Part 7 – Broken Wing Butterflies – One-Size Fits All
Read Part 8 – The Reverse Butterfly
Read Part 9 – Using Butterflies In A Combination Or As A Hedge
Read Part 10 – How To Protect Against Fast Moves
Read Part 11 – The Bearish Butterfly

Unfortunately, the last two sessions of the course are no longer available on the site. I’ve turned the course into an ebook for sale on Amazon and they have strict rules about providing the same content for free online.

You can read the remaining two chapters – Adjustments and Trading Weekly Double Butterflies – in the ebook which is available for purchase on Amazon.

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  1. John Edwards
    8 months ago

    Well, this is.. disappointing. Went through the entire course very excited only to find that adjustments, the most important part of any spread strategy, are not included. I don’t have a problem with buying the ebook – just wished I hadn’t spent all this time (and paper) printing out the first 11 parts!

  2. Gavin
    7 months ago

    Hi John,

    Sorry to disappoint you with this. Unfortuntely Amazon are quite strict with their terms and do not allow authors to publish an entire book for free on the web if it is for sale through them. Otherwise they could ban me as an author.

    I’ve sent you an email separately that will hopefully please you.

    Thanks for your support. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

  3. Lewis
    3 months ago


    May I know if the book covers part 1 to part 11 ?


  4. Lewis
    3 months ago

    I realized it’s kindle version only….couls you publish the 4 books in pdf? I would like to get them.

    • Gavin
      3 months ago

      Hi Lewis, please email me and I can help you out.

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